The Wrath Deck

The Wrath Deck

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From the artistic mind of Shin Lim comes a limited Edition deck of cards that was designed for magicians and flourishers alike.

Aside from the striking back design and Shin’s custom finish, the Wrath Deck includes a secret hidden one way back design (which once you know how it works, can be a deadly weapon). In addition, the Wrath Deck comes with custom gaff cards as well as 2 secret prediction revelations.

You will find a card among the cards saying " pick the 4 of diamonds" .

Turnover this card - the tutorlal link is printed giving you twenty minutes of online instruction by Shin Lim.

Shin will teach you a number of tricks and visual effects using the custom gaff cards as well as the Secret of the Wrath back design.

Once these decks are sold out they will never be reprinted!