Terms & ConDitions, Shipping info:

  • You, the customer, on this Contract has AGREED by virtue of purchase of product that:

  • * * * ALL SALES FINAL ** 

  • **NO REFUNDS & NO EXCHANGES  & NO REPLACEMENTS Or NO SUPPOSED LOST, MISSING , BROKEN ITEMs * * unless PROVEN with photos or videos of opening package that products came in broken or missing etc.

  • Digitals CANNOT be RESOLD nor shared on any platform. 

  • *** Magic INFO BOUGHT that you now know & seen in your brain cannot be returned to us.***

  • This is NOT INSTANT NOODLE MAGIC>>NEEDS PRACTISE.. Shin's magic is Intermediate to advance level.

  • CHECK on USPS.com your tracking info. USA-full tracking. OUTSIDE USA-Limited tracking.

  • ===============more  TERMS & CONDITIONS ==================

  • Agree  NOT disclose, share, reveal, duplicate, plagiarize or make derivative work of this original effect in any form on SOCIAL MEDIA. "REVEAL" Actions are detrimental to all magicians who want to keep it special in the Normal world .

  • If Minors/Teens Purchase Magic  without Adults approval is NOT our fault NOR our responsibility.

  • Application & Use of such Magic products is at YOUR OWN RISK.  

  • YOU have agreed to NOT SUE NOR Hold  us liable for  any  physical, emotional ,etc  Hurt /damage to oneself or others - since many of the products require DO-IT-Yourself  ARTS & CRAFTS.  We assume customer is careful & aware of warnings  listed on website & surroundings. 

  • You have agreed NOT to sue/defame us for Late Delivery etc which is Beyond our control.

  • ** Parents-Monitor use of glue, scissors etc tools .  Gimmicks are NOT to be swallowed or eaten or to be used outside of application. Keep PETS & young children away  from gimmicks & tools.

  • Frivolous lawsuits cause  grief  of time & emotional energy & loss of $  & MAY result in  the DEATH of  the  SMALL BUSINESS . It surely CAN KILL the MOOD & inspiration of  the people involved to keep this biz moving. This site is for  promoting good hobbies for young people & magic professionals. We respect sane  discussions in  an appropriate manner .

  • ====================SHIPPING INFO =====================

  •  SHIPPING begins ONLY on BIZ day After PAYMENT & Address Validity has been confirmed. 

  • First Class USA . Ships from Boston or California, USA. USPS delivery Government Post Office.

  • WITHIN USA - Package usually Arrives in 5 BIZ days (exclude weekends, holidays) .

  • Delivery can be DELAYED due to BAD weather or if POST office go on strike .

  • * File "lost " packages with your proof to the USPS Post Office Inspector & your local town Police.

  • **OUTSIDE USA- LIMITED TRACKING .(Customs form #) . You will only know date it arrived in Your country that is all.. but detailed movements within country not possible. For detailed tracking- very expensive.

  • Package is sent through each Country's Government 's post offices.

  • You may have to pay CUSTOMS DUTY, VAT & it is your responsibility.

  • If your Total order is less than US$150, usually No Import Tax but there is a VAT /GST of 19% to 20%.

  • Most Post Offices will hold your package for 3 weeks until you pay the VAT tax & other taxes

  • To check estimated VAT% , please check below & enter your country.

  • https://customsdutyfree.com/europe-customs-and-import-duties/


  • *** We will decline shipping to addresses of ReShippers , Fulfillment centers in USA and some countries that are associated with High % of Fraud or VERY LOW posting success results.

  • Big Cities & Countries with efficient postal systems receives packages quicker.

  • Rural areas may take longer for package arrival.

  • We are NOT responsible for packages that are STOLEN in your neighborhood or country.

  • No insurance bought so No claims are covered for loss, damage ,etc,etc


  • We will keep all receipts, proof of shipping, customs forms with the USPS for 1 YEAR.

  • As a small, values-based and family-run business we have the privilege of choosing who we serve . We will not do business with customers who have caused us grief through attempted fraud or ridiculous complaints. Such customers will be flagged and their future orders declined/cancelled/refunded.