Second Form (DL)

Second Form (DL)

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Second form is a collection of 15 modern thoughts in card magic focused on visual and practical aspects.
Here you can find completely new ideas and reassembled classical moves for your performances:

Sprout- a visual pop-out from the middle of the deck. The card could be produced as appearing in front of the spread, or fly away from the deck towards spectator. As a bonus you will learn double lift variation.

Penguin steal- useful card move for a color change or stealing of the selected card.

NZ change- fast and direct color change based on classic palm changes. Several variations are included.

Rotation change- unbelievable move that allows you to change a card by revolving it between your hands.

Astra cascade- remastered version of classic F. Miller cascade control. The method allows you to control multiple cards or use the cascade as a color change.

Mason addition- simple and direct switch of a single card in your hand. Perfect for transpositions and prediction tricks.

Swindle double- a clean double lift from the top of the deck. Top cards are flying away to your other hand.

Exmor trilogy- another great move using in the hands card spread. Exmor could be used as a switch, color change or force.

Mac change- clean transformation of a single card with an open hands.

1337 load- angle proof switch for a single card that also could've used as a force.

Glenn addition- remastered work on a classic Vernon's bottom addition. The move is more clear for a single card, that allows you to use it as force.

Bertram plus- new modern touch for legendary Tebe change from R. Bertram. This method allows you to do the change twice.

Nova Sandwich move- a visual single or multiple cards production in between the sandwich cards. The move is fast and clear, without any finger movement at all.

Citro- new variation for a Cardini snap change. You can Palm the card or steal it from the top of the deck for a moment. Tasso

Change- variation on the R. Walton's paint brush change that makes it easier to perform. Also the change could be done two times on a row.

DNB spread control- method of convincing card control in the spread based on the work of E. Earick. The move is used for a single card control to the bottom of the deck or bottom Palm.